Our furniture, our philosophy

Clear, timeless and sustainable.

We design and manufacture our indoor and outdoor furniture ourselves in our own workshops in southern Germany. Our passion for straightforward design is reflected in the clear, consistent styling.

Durable, timeless and not subject to any trends – this is what characterizes our furniture with its unique character, which by no means ages with use, but gains charm and thus skillfully sets the scene for your living area.

The combination of metal and selected local woods lends the furniture a contrasting yet harmonious tension.


The collection was first presented at the international furniture fair in Cologne in 2001 and primarily comprises mass-produced table and seating furniture, which can also be made to measure and customized for different requirements.

Our furniture is also used in the contract sector, e.g. in the hospitality industry, for business furnishings and in the office sector.


The surfaces are left as natural as possible in order to emphasize the original beauty and properties of the respective material. Most wooden surfaces are only oiled to preserve the natural character of the product, protect the environment from unnecessary substances and support a circular economy.


Long-lasting quality and sustainable material procurement are an essential part of our business. From the very beginning, we have worked with a network of regional craftsmen and suppliers to ensure consistently high quality. Most of our wood comes from Germany, thus reducing our ecological footprint to a minimum.

The longevity of our furniture with its timeless design is the best possible contribution to sustainability.

Our showroom

You are welcome to find out more about our collection by visiting our specialist dealers or our showrooms.